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BlueRoses for ‘blue ocean’ Bada

Raylight, Italy’s premier independent studio, is offering its BlueRoses 3D mobile games engine to Samsung Bada (Korean for ‘ocean’) developers to help pave the way for the new Samsung Wave to provide a mobile gaming experience like no other.

Leading the charge, Raylight already has a launch title with the Wave handset with ‘My Little Baby’, an innovative 3D ‘Baby-care’ simulator whereby you nurture and care for your own little baby, all within the comfort of your own phone.

Massi Di Monda, CEO of Raylight said; ‘The BlueRoses engine is the bedrock of our mobile development process and it has come into its own with the Bada SDK and the new Samsung Wave handset. It was originally designed for use with smaller platforms such as the Gameboy Advance which didn’t have the necessary power to generate 3D graphics and fast gameplay. BlueRoses has a low resources requirement in terms of memory and processing time, but really, really pushes the hardware. My Little Baby is our first game for the Samsung Wave and with BlueRoses we were able to provide a high quality product, on a brand new platform in a fraction of the time and cost usually associated with projects of this type.’

Raylight is making its technology available to the market for one simple reason; better mobile gaming.

Massi continues; ‘We see the Wave platform, like the Apple iPhone, as an introduction for many people to videogames. Our industry is hugely diverse but we would like to help aspiring developers, along with established studios, to focus on making the very best games they can to ultimately provide consumers with a greater choice of quality games. We’re already helping to do this in Italy and now we want to do this internationally. The Samsung Wave and Bada OS, as with the iPhone, have the potential to revolutionise mobile gaming in terms of graphical content and innovative gameplay and we want to help make this a reality.’

To obtain your free, no obligation trial of BlueRoses, contact info@raylightgames.com

For more information on BlueRoses, go to http://www.raylightgames.com/blueroses-engine/


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Raylight S.r.l.
Raylight is the leading independent Italian videogames developer based in Napoli. Established in 2000 by Francesco Paduano, Massimiliano Di Monda and Fausto Cardone, the goal of the founders was to create a new reality for the creation and development of high quality videogames: a new reference point in the game industry.

Raylight became an official Nintendo GameBoy Color developer, and in 2001, an official developer for GameBoy Advance. In recent years, Raylight’s reputation has soared thanks to the development of their Blueroses engine and tools, and the development of the highly acclaimed Wing Commander Prophecy on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

At present, Raylight is the leading independent Italian videogames development studio with dozens of games released all over the world, on a wide range of platforms for international publishers. Visit www.raylightgames.com for more information.

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