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SneakPeek Xrayunwrap 1.5 Rc1

This is the first SneakPeek of the new version of Xrayunwrap 1.5

Stay tuned for the next news!!!

List of new features:

- Redesigned interface: full integrated inside uvwunrap modifier of 3dsmax
- Xunwrap at blaze speed
- Amazing Live Unwrap: select your edges and see the result in realtime
- Works on any primitive. No more editable poly restriction
- Packing functionality added
- Seams can be edited inside uvwunwap modifier
- Subobject unwrapping
- Multiple uvunwrap modifier can be added and keep history
- Map seam flags are preserved within instanced unwrap
- Instanced unwrap over multiple objects
- Back compatibility with v1.0. Old seams flags are converted into unwrap seams