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My Little Baby and the Iphone

Hamburg, Germany – January 6th, 2011 – dtp young entertainment announces its ‘My Little Baby’ App is now available on the App Store. Available for iPhone and iPod touch, the app gives its players pure parental joy in raising their digital offspring.

‘My Little Baby’ players await a packed daily schedule with their little angel. In addition to fun, there are a number of commitments to fulfill as well throughout the game. The tiny one wants to be lovingly entertained, fed and cared for, so new challenges are around every corner. 

As time goes by, the baby grows older and players have to activate different features within the App to keep her busy. Just like in real life, the little one will soon begin to crawl and players will experience how the little toddler learns to stand on her own two feet and learn to walk.

The ‘My Little Baby’ App is available for € 1,59 / $ 1,99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at itunes.com/appstore/. The App is also compatible with the iPad and has been developed in Napoli, Italy by Raylight S.r.l.

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