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XRayBlendSkin has been released!


Dual Quaternion finally landed on 3dsmax!
3dsmax has linear vertex blending for skinning by default, this causes a lot of artifact during bones rotation, especially
the classic candywrap effect. Dual Quaternion skinning mantains volume a lot better, BUT it cannot be used alone as general solution. In some situations you still would like to mantain linear skinning AND with XrayBlendSkin YOU CAN!
You can even paint the amount of Dual Quaternions influence.

Please visit the official XrayBlendSkin web page for info and video.

XRayBlendSkin new tool from Raylight

Raylight is working on a new tool for 3dsmax based on dual quaternion skinning. Preliminary information are already available here…release date and price to be disclosed soon!

My Little Baby

Have you always dreamed of having a cute little baby to lovingly care for? Well, now is your chance.

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All this, plus an enormous selection of toys, clothes and other objects will make your little one the happiest baby in the whole wide world!

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