Speedball 2 – GBA

Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe will be ported on GameBoy Advance. The game will be based on the original, award-winning Mega Drive and Commodore Amiga versions from Bitmap Brothers. The original fantastic feeling and fast-paced gameplay of the title, will be brought on the GBA, the perfect system to rediscover this classic of videogames!
Crawfish is in charge of the porting, while Raylight is working on the graphic side of the game for them.
A wide range of enhancements for the Game Boy Advance incarnation are planned. New features include multiple teams, players and personalities, as well as additional gamemodes and a four-player link up mode.
Take control of your team to win the Speedball II championship, improve your team by increasing the various abilities of the metal-clad athletes, blend violence (punching the opposite defenders) with special technics (picking power-up from the ground) to defeat your opponent to achieve your goal: be a speedball II champion.

Feature of the game:
· Experience the feeling and atmosphere of one of the greates game in the history.
· Different modes of play: league, cup, knock out.

· Multiplayer feature to allow up to 4 player to join the action.

· Build your own team increasing the ability of your player.

· Simple to play, hard to master. The perfect mix for a great game.