Street Racing

Title: Street Racing Syndicate
Platform: GBA
Publisher: Destination Software Inc.
Developer: Raylight Studios srl
Type: Racing GameWelcome to Street Racing Syndicate on GBA!!!The fiercest, most realistic street racer ever on Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Check out hot cars and hot girls…

Game Features- Modify over 40 cars with aftermarket parts- Race to win cash, street cred or your opponent’s wheels

- Earn the affections of real life import racing models

- Incur damage in real time and pay for repairs and upgrades with your hard-earned cash

- Haul through LA, Philadelphia and Miami in both closed circuit and open city races.

- Multiplayer modes for up to 2 players.

- Full 3D real time graphics, thanks to the use of Blueroses technologies.

- Amazing sound effects and street style music


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