Wing Commander

Wing Commander™ Prophecy, one of the defining sagas of the last decade, stikes back on the Nintendo Game Boy® Advance with Wing Commander™ Prophecy. The game is billed as a space combat simulation, but it is much, much more than that, it is an epic story. It features a memorable, diverse cast of characters who would live or die, depending on how well you fight alongside them in the game’s classic deep-space dogfights. It features a branching campaign that can take several completely separate courses, depending on your success or failure in your missions. You truly feel as if your actions determined how the game play out.
Your character is Lance Casey a rookie pilot, you’ve to fight against hordes of aliens together with the other confederation pilots in your squadron, escort or defend confederation ships and many more. In addition to the normal single player campaign there is the possibility of multiplayer game mode. Thanks to the linking up capabilities of the Game Boy Advance, up to 4 players can join the action at the same time, challenging in spectacular 3D space dogfights.
The game is under developmet using the BlueRoses technology to offer the best gaming experience ever played on the Game Boy Advance.
The features of the title are as follows:
Use of the Blue Roses technology with stunning 3D graphics, with plenty
of polygons, textures and special effects. The game has won an IGN E3 2002
award for the best technological excellance.
More than 50 different missions to play for great fun and longevity.
9 different ships to pilot each with its own characteristics, different guns and
Involving music theme and sound effects for more immersion in the action.
Story mode featuring different courses according to the player in game
Multiplayer modes allows up to 4 players to join epic space combats