GB Rally – GBC

· A top viewed rally game with features never seen on a GameBoy Color!
· Stunning graphics: you’ve never seen such a graphics on a GameBoy Color!! 4 cars, 10 detailed and colorful tracks with its unique features sand, gravel, tarmac, snowy. Different environments such as jungle, beach, pyramids, mountain, city, temple area. Special effects for collision and smoke for powersliding. All this at the fixed frame rate of 60 fps.
· Sound: a very cool soundtracks and real special effects for car engine, powersliding, car crash and more.· Excellent playability: a simple game since the beginning, but hard to master. Easy control system to introduce  new gamers to the game, powersliding, hard breaking and car crashes for addictive fun. New gamers will never been frustrated and the hard core gamers will love it!

· Gameplay: try to master the game with training center and single races, then join the rally championship and challenge your opponents around the world. Beat your friends in the Vs Battle Mode, who will be the best GB Rally racer and powerslider? Try to find out playing the best top viewed rally game ever on GameBoy Color.