illo: birth of the cool



illo was born in 2006 and is still growing;
illo is the central character of an original videogame; the only common points with other games is it has a beginning…and an ending;
illos environment is unlike anything else on the videogame market;
illo is not violent: it can be played by anyone over 7 years old;
illo requires touch screen, tilt sensor and microphone;
illo is controlled via touch and microphone. In combination with the “bKg” button, you can act on creatures and background;
illo‘s story, introduction and tutorial are illustrated via animation and music: nothing is in writing;
illo is an action puzzle adventure;
illo is a special game.


Official Gameplay Trailer



Teaser Trailer



The game is designed to plunge the player into an uncharted territory governed by dynamics that need to be mastered in order to survive and progress. The player witnesses illo’s premature awakening in the wrong place, an unexplored environment populated by unexpected creatures where the sequence of events is neither modular nor foreseeable: a unique wonderland.

illo’s appearance is stripped of all visual redundancies that would unnecessarily complicate the game mechanics; in fact, its minimalist ambience created via colors, animations, clean design, lights and shadows is one of its strong points.

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Game Summary

Genre:            Action/Puzzle

Platforms:      iOS, Android, PSN (Move), XBLA (Kinect), Wii-U, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS.

Languages:     English + LOCALIZATION KIT

Target Age:    Everyone

Controls:        Platform dependant

DLC:               Extra levels available for paid download