Free Running


Title: Free Running
Platform: Nintendo Wii, PC
Publisher: Reef Entertainment
Developer: Raylight Srl
Type: Parkour Simulation

Free Running, or Le Parkour as it is know in France where it originated in the late 1990’s, is the latest extreme sport. It involves running, jumping and performing death defying tricks through/over urban environments. ‘Parkour’ translates into ‘Obstacle Race’, and some have described the sport as an army obstacle race meets a ballet stage.


- More than 60 challenges spread over 10 different levels in 3 distinct zones, each with its own style of gameplay.
- 9 different single and multiplayer modes including ‘race’, ‘trick’ and ‘target collect’ modes.
- Unlock new characters, clothes, tricks, levels and music.
- Recreate your favourite parkour/free running moves and techniques.
- Fully immersive environments.
- Free roaming gameplay.
- 2 player LAN network play on PC.
- 2 player Split screen on Nintendo Wii