Sniper Elite


April 1945: World War II is drawing to a close and the Russians and Germans are caught in a furious battle for Berlin.
You take the role of an elite American sniper sent into this chaotic situation by the OSS. Your vitally important mission: to prevent Stalin obtaining Germany’s atom bomb research and V2 technology.

This is the dawn of the cold war.

- 3rd person/1st person sniper scope.
- Play through as Single player or as a Sniper and Spotter in 2 player co-op splitscreen.
- Sniper Elite is still the most authentic sniper simulator game on the market with bullet physics, windage and stealth as key components.
- Enemy A.I has peripheral vision and acute hearing. In addition, they will adopt combat tactics when approached including flanking the player and lying in wait.
- Both German and Russian forces also act as a team. For example, they will retrieve a fallen comrade, providing additional sniping opportunities for the player.
- Bullet penetration is standard, plus if the opportunity arises, the player can take out 3-4 soldiers with 1 bullet!
- The player can also distract and confuse the enemy to set up ambushes.
- The enemy have multiple spawn points to ensure repeat play value.
- The game is non-linear – the player can take any route/direction to accomplish their objectives.
- Sound, score and effects provide a unique atmosphere to the gameplay.
- Berlin environment is based on actual maps and plans from before the War, so is exact in its layout.
- The Wii Zapper addition to the game will provide an immersive and above all, fun shooting experience for original and new players alike.