Big Mutha Truckers

Ma Jackson has announced that she is planning on retiring. But choosing the new owner of Mutha Truckers Inc. will not be easy, as Ma’s kids are a difficult bunch. The solution? A trial by truckin’ – whoever makes the most money trucking through Hick State County in 60 days takes control of the company. Smashable scenery. You’re not restricted to just roads. Use the weight of your truck to discover new routes and hidden bonuses. Bikers, truck-jackers and the corrupt police force are all out to disable your truck and get a piece of your profits. Drive to any town on any day, in the totally open environment of Hick State County. Five unique cities, each with their own levels of supply and demand, all waiting for you to exploit them.

Categories: Truck/trading simulation
N. of player(s): 2

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