Outback Pet Rescue 3D

Players will explore landscapes in 3D and experience the adventure of their lives on an animal station in the Outback. They can drive their Jeep across the rough and rolling landscape and through eucalyptus forests on their missions: reuniting abandoned baby animals with their mothers and rescuing animals in peril. And when animals are injured or sick, there is a whole host of examination and treatment methods available. Of course players also get to use the tools of their trade, instruments such as: magnifying glass, stethoscope, thermometer, x-ray machine, creams, bandages and more. Especially tough cases can be taken back to the animal station and are looked after until they are well again and ready to be released back into the natural environment. A particular highlight is observing animals in the wild, and on the business side, income can be invested in order to expand the station’s premises and enclosures.

Outback Pet Rescue 3D supports the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad control. Play Coins can also be collected and exchanged for in-game currency.

Key Features

  • An exciting 3D adventure on the Australian subcontinent
  • Features many of Australia’s unique and exotic animals
  • Exciting missions – all part of a day’s work for an Outback vet:ride in the Jeep to wild locations to save injured or sick animals, treat and nurse them back to health at the animal station, reunite baby animals with their mothers etc.
  • An extensive range of examination and treatment options
  • Interesting business component:invest income to expand the station
  • Collect Play Coins and exchange them for in-game currency
  • Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad controls supported

Category: simulation

n.of player(s): 1

video url: YouTube