Smashing Drive

The ultimate arcade driving experience is smashing on the Game Boy Advance.
As a cab driver in the big city, you must do whatever it takes to get your fare to his or her destination in time taking shortcuts, smashing into obstacles and laying waste to all vehicles in your path. Play the Arcade mode, Survival mode and enjoy frantic racing action with a friend in the Head to Head mode.

Smashing Drive is fine for what it is: a simple, graphically impressive racer that can be played in short bursts.

N.of Player(s) 2

Category: Arcade racer

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 “The GBA conversion of Smashing Drive, manages to duplicate the look and feel of the arcade game, but, for a variety of reasons, it doesn’t seem like such a bad game by comparison. The simple “drive fast and collect power-ups” design suits a handheld that most people will likely play in short bursts, and the polygonal graphics that looked so ugly on the GameCube and Xbox look OK in light of what the GBA is capable of.”