Spiderman 2 The Movie

The city is at risk, and only you can save it from the evil clutches of an old enemy–the powerful Electro. He has a mysterious new device that makes his million volts of destruction even deadlier. But now Spider-Man has Insulated Armor, which makes him impervious to electricity, in addition to new powers such as Ice and Taser-Webbing. With your new bag of tricks, you can stop Electro, Sandman, and other villains’ nefarious schemes to bring the city to its knees.

In collaboration with Digital Eclipse, Raylight developed the engine and graphics for the 3D sections of Spiderman 2: The Movie for the Game Boy Advance.

N.of player(s): 1

Category: 2D/3D Action, Platformer

Release date: 29th June 2004

Video Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGPk10EEstI