My Little Baby

Didn‘t you always want to care for a sweet little baby? Then this is your chance. You start with a description of the parents, as the color of their skin, hair and eyes will determine the look of the baby.

Finally it is there – your own little darling. The baby smiles at you and you need to work hard to keep it content. To make sure that your baby develops and grows, you have to swaddle it, bathe and feed it, go shopping, cook meals and rock it to sleep. You can teach your baby to speak, to crawl and to walk.

But above all you have to give it your love because only then it will be happy.

This extensive baby simulation has four growing stages and offers you a huge choice of items to buy and use (toys, clothes, …).

Key Features

– Over 100 life authentic animations.

– Recognition of speech: Use your PC headset to teach your baby to speak.

– Funny mini-games: Crawl-challenge, cooking, winding,….

– Realistic and improved 3D-Graphic.

– Mom and dad baby generator: Various factors such as skin or eye color determine the look of the baby.

– Webcam feature: Use your webcam to make a photo of you with your baby (not in all versions).

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Category: simulation, life simulation

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