A secret cult that clutches everything.
A man shattered by his past.
Unresolved mysteries return.
Ancient evils are reborn.
Amidst tragedy and horror,
You are awake.

The Awakened is a Victorian era thriller with horror traits, that lets the player live Robert Royce’s journey into the supernatural. He, a detective fallen in disgrace, dreams of a dear friend’s murder – but soon discovers it wasn’t just fantasy. Pushed by the need of knowing the assassin’s identity, and guided by strange visions, Robert  finds himself on a deadly path. Overwhelmed by mysterious powers, he will be dragged into the coils of an evil cult and to deal with a tormented past.

  • Explore the eerie Victorian London
  • Investigate on murders with the aid of Robert’s powers
  • Live a harrowing and compelling story
  • Interact with unique characters
  • Fight an evil organization and creatures spawned from madness
  • Be scared as hell


The Awakened is in development for: